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Have A 48 Hour Day!

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By chefmom on
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I'm a real sucker for any non-fiction book or magazine article that has "how to" in the title. I'm on a constant mission to improve not only life, but the lives of my family members (whether they want me to or not). As a fairly organized person, it is a puzzle to me why time and scheduling always seems to be a major problem in my life. Don Aslett's How To Have A 48-Hour Day: Get Twice As Much Done As You Do Now! certainly appealed to me. And his book is chock full of great tips. Known for his cleaning books, Aslett must be one of the most prolific guys on the earth. He has more than 20 published titles to his name, is a frequent speaker and gives his own story about how he is never "out of time."

Many of his tips are common sense, but bear repeating. De-cluter, get your finances in order, control your interruptions. One of the best lines in the book really spoke to me. "The great mistake is doing nothing at all because you could only do a little -- enough littles ad up to a lot." Well said! I always seem to have five minutes here or ten minutes there and think it's not long enough to get anything accomplished. Those few minutes do add up, and since reading the book, I've been tyring to utilize them well.

Aslett does have some ideas that seem a little over the top. He makes it clear that parties, dinners out and watching telelvision are wasteful. While I agree anyone can get carried away with socializing or down time, I do think some of it is necessary to enjoy our families and our lives. Another small negative is the layout of the book, which could use some more white space.

All in all, however, it's a great read and should jump-start your productivity!