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Have A Great Ride With Mudcat 110cc Atv

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By akhil on
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I have always been dying to own an ATV as I like them and I love to ride leisurely for hours. When I saw this MudCat 110 ATV at an ATV store near our college I just couldn't control my helpless situation and cried for a day. Thankfully my friends with whom I live are very interested in ATV s too and we all came to a decision to buy this Mudcat 110 with the available money of everyone. We just want to buy it for the sake of riding rather than going anywhere and everywhere in that. We accumulated the money we had and thankfully bought one. It is the most wonderful piece of vehicle we have seen. The model is too good and is very stylish to look. It is a small vehicle with 110cc lineup with four stroke engine. It has a unique setup to adjust the engine output to rider's skill and to his ability. Other great features include a good braking system, headlight, alarm and many more. We have been having a great riding experiences with this vehicle.

Update On May 14, 2008: Though it has a large motor for better riding, it is very light in weight which really helps in riding more comfortably. It has a very well functioning rear disc brake which helps in stopping the vehicle suddenly and provides a reliable traction. It came with an adjustable handlebar and since my friends and I drive it, we can drive without any problems by adjusting the handle. The seat is wide and is very soft to allow for a better seating. A very good product which I never regret for spending money on!