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Have A Newborn And You're Sleep Deprived?

Reviewing: On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant The Gift Of Nighttime Sleep By: Gary Ezzo, Ma And Robert Bucknam, Md  |  Rating:
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Nighttime sleep - the hidden treasure that eludes every new parent in first few months of bringing baby home. This was what I was after. On August 22nd, 2007 I had an emergency c-section, discharged with my baby after only 3 days, was tired, in pain and still trying to meet the needs of my new infant son. Nighttime sleep, or any sleep for that matter was just not happening. My best friend recommended this book and bought it for me, she told me I'd thank her later for it!

Could you really 'program' your baby to sleep through the night? I highly doubted it. But when I saw the cute picture of the peacefully sleeping baby on the cover, I hoped a little that it was possible. I read the summary on the back cover the eluded to an infant management plan that would help you to naturally set your baby's feeding, waketime and nighttime sleep cycles - and hoped a little more that this was possible. I was able to read all 231 pages in about 2 days - in between feeding, changing diapers, taking pain medicine and trying to get some rest!

Included are chapters on colic, information on proper burping techniques as well as managing multiples. I found the chapter on colic a true eye opener. Who knew that there are varying degrees of colic? Certainly I didn't. The examples provided to explain colic helped in understanding this condition that affects babies.

I immediately put the infant management plan on pages 119-120 into action! My son was a preemie and he seemed to be more fussy but after about 5 days I was able to have his last feeding at 10:30pm and expect him not to wake up until 2:30am and then sleep from 2:30am to about 7:00am. This was amazing. I never thought I'd be able to get 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep during the night, especially from a breastfed baby! I immediately felt a physical difference in my mood having 4-5 hours of nighttime sleep. I was happier and able to meet the demands of feeding my baby every 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours during the day as well as care for my 7 year old twins.

I recommend this book for people planning on becoming parents, expecting parents and parents of infants and toddlers. The simple infant management plan taught in this book is truly invaluable. According to the authors there are 'over 4 million grateful parents worldwide' - I'd like to add to that number, make that 4 million and 1.