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Have Screwdriver? Easy To Built Kitchen Trolley!

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I have a small kitchen, not as small as Tom Thumbs (which I have seen!) but pretty darn small with hardly any counter space. I finally decided that I just had to do something… and I found this Kitchen trolley on the Brylane Home website.

When I received my package in the mail, I have to admit that I was surprised that it was not very heavy for the size of the package (by heavy, I mean not too hard to push or drag… for me… or your average 8 year old. Lol!).

When I opened the package I noticed that while everything looked nice, outside of the tile and two sliding shelves, everything is pretty lightweight. It really is OK for my purposes, but this kitchen trolley isn’t going to do well in the home style Olympic races involving 12 year old passengers…. So keep that in mind. ;)

The other thing that I noticed is that every single thing was labeled with a letter! When I say everything, I mean EVERY little thing! Each bag of screws or hinges has a letter… Each panel or piece has a little white sticker with a black bold letter on the underside so I can clearly see it when assembling it, but it will not be seen when assembled.

This kitchen trolley also only needs myself and a Philips head screwdriver. For real!

Every pre-drilled mark is in the right spot. Everything lines up perfectly! I have put together a lot of wooden items in my time and for something with so many pieces, including 8 sets of hinges, to go together so seamlessly has never ever happened! I have always had to have a drill on standby… Not this time!

The directions consist of an 8 step process, illustrated with few words. Just the way I like it!

The only thing I did differently in the assembly was to assemble it on my bed instead of on the floor. I did this because I cannot get on the floor… and it went together perfectly well on my bed. I had plenty of room to spread everything out and it was quite comfy to boot!

Do be careful when popping on the wheels, however, as you want to ensure that you put the two breaking wheels on the front. The difference is that 2 of the wheels have a small black plastic tab to press down so that the trolley stays in place when using the countertop. This is very practical and useful but easy to miss while assembling. (Shhhh! I just happened to put them on right, by accident!)

The beauty of this Kitchen Trolley is that it has a very compact size, but opens up to nearly triple the area on top with two hanging tiled leafs. The added counter space that this provides when I am in the kitchen is invaluable! Then it is not too bulky to be stored in a corner, out of the way.

I also love the additional shelves. I also love how they just sit there so that they can slide in and out. I do wish, however, that there was an edge inside the unit so that when sliding the shelves in and out they would stay straight. The way it is designed the shelf has to be put in just right in the back to hit the backside. Also there is no lip at the back of the shelf, so if it is slid out small items in the back could fall off.

Another thing I was a bit disappointed in is the bottom basket. The basket is smaller than I thought it would be and does not extend all the way to the back of the unit. There is a couple of inches of empty space behind the basket that I would just assume use. I suspect that the basket was made smaller to prevent me for putting a huge bag of something too heavy into the basket…

Overall I LOVE this unit and I am very happy with my purchase.

Measurements with sides folded down: 32¾"Hx14¾"Wx18½"D