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Have Some Disneyland Fun

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By mom2one on
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After a number of trips to Disney World, our family decided to go to Disney's other theme park for a different experience. So we packed our bags and headed off to Disneyland.

Honestly I was not sure what to expect, I love Disney World so much that I was a bit worried I would be disappointed in Disneyland's smallness.

I had nothing to worry about. I ended up loving Disneyland for different reasons then Disney World. Once you enter on Main Street USA, Disneyland has a nostalgic feeling in the air. There are sometimes characters doing meet and greets on Main Street.

I like walking down Main Street knowing that Walt Disney himself has walked down the same street way back when.

Sleeping Beauty's castle while not as grand as Cinderella's seemed to fit perfectly in Disneyland setting.

Our family had the best time walking around and trying the different rides. Our favorite ended up being the Matterhorn. It is exclusive to Disneyland and definitely worth at least one ride, we ended up riding it numerous times doing our trip.

Disneyland's Space Mountain has to be the best Space Mountain in all Disney theme park. This Space Mountain just rocked. Of course it should have as it just recently reopened after being in rehab for 2 years!

Fantasyland was nice. Instead of the rides being kind of spread apart like in Disney World, they were all close together. We were able to finish Fantasyland in a short time before it got too busy. My personal tip is to hit Fantasyland right away when the park opens and you will get it all done without long waits in line. We walked through Fantasyland later on during the day and the lines where horrible. I am glad we got that section all done early in the day.

Disneyland definitely has something for both young and old. It is a beautiful park, sure not as grand as Disney World, but it has a charm to it.

We happened to be here on my son's birthday and we found out we could have a birthday party with Mickey and Minnie. There is a limited number of people that can sign up for this, which is nice. The main character is a silly/funny (corny for the parents) baker by the name of Pat E. Cake (get it?) He bakes cupcakes for everyone but he needs helps decorating them, so he asks everyone for help. After all the cupcakes are decorated you can eat your masterpiece. Then while everyone is enjoying their cupcakes, Mickey and Minnie come out to sing Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating a birthday and of course they take photos with everyone. It's nice because we didn't have to wait in a long line to get a picture with Mickey or Minnie, plus we were able to get them together, which all you Disney fans know that isn't always easy to do.

If you are there around your birthday I would recommend doing this. If you can't find it in your schedule then make sure to get a Birthday button from City Hall. My son wore his all day on his Birthday and different Cast Members and even street performers in the parade said Happy Birthday to him. He even got a Birthday kiss from Snow White!

My only disappointment was the food selection was not as great as I am use to in Disney World. We found food to eat, but it was pretty much staple theme park food, nothing really different.

Because Disneyland is right in the heart of the city, you do see more teenage children around without their parents. I think a lot of kids get dropped off to get picked up later. For the most part we didn't run into any trouble, but sometimes their language was a little "colorful"

All in all, I really enjoyed my visit to Disneyland. In the end I do like Disney World better but I would gladly go back to Disneyland for a change of pace.