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Have You Got My Purr?

Reviewing: Have You Got My Purr By Judy West  |  Rating:
By mom2one on
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My son has had a lot of books in his 8 years.

One of his and my favorite book of all time is a beautiful book called "Have You Got My Purr?"

It is by an author by the name of Judy West and Illustrated by Tim Warnes.

The book is about a kitten that thinks she has lost her purr, so she goes around to all the other farm animals asking if they have her purr. They all tell her no and finally she asked a wise owl and the owl tells her to go to her mother. She thought her mother had took her purr so she goes to her mother to ask if she has her purr. The kitten learns that her purr has always been inside her. The kitten ends up finding her purr as she lies next to her mother.

When my son was between the ages of 2 and 3 we read this book almost every night before he went to sleep. He loved this book. I like this book because it is simple enough to keep the attention of a 2 or 3 year old and the pictures are simple yet the colors are very vibrant and very beautiful.

My son is too old for this book now, but I could not get rid of it because it holds memories of when my son was a toddler, so it is safely packed away. Hopefully one of these days I can pass it down to my son's first born so he can read it to his child.

I highly recommend this book.