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Have You Played Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Yet?

Reviewing: Criteriongames; Ea Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit  |  Rating:
By Matt Williamson on
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I picked this up at GameStop a couple days after it was released (it would've been sooner, but I didn't get the text message they were supposed to send me), and I was immediately hooked. The progression of the speed and cars is just perfect. What I mean by that is the cars that you can use and their top speed throughout the career mode is perfect for the level you are at. Every once in a while, they'll have 'Preview' races, in which you get to use a higher-ranked car, and during these races, you get to realize how hard it is to drive a faster car than you are used to, and you appreciate how it progresses.

Maturity rating = 1

There is not any 'Mature Content' in this game. There is some mild violence (if you consider crashing through a police car roadblock at high speeds or driving aggressively to be violent), but that is all.

Content = 5

There is a huge island in which sections of it are selected for a race, and the streets you can't race on are blocked off with semi-transparent, orange-y, barriers. There are around 15-30 different tracks, in which there are 5-10 or so events to play on each track. There is also a wide variety from which to choose, and everyone will find their favorite in a few minutes of playing.

Audio and Image Quality = 5

Stunning visuals and sound. That's all there is to say.

Re-Playability = 5

There is not really a story to this game, and nothing to give you that "I don't feel like starting all over again!!" feeling you may get from starting over RPG's and games like that.

Game Mode Diversity = 5

There's a very wide variety of game modes, and just as you think you've played them all, you unlock a new one! There's stuff like 1 vs 1, where it's just one cop and one racer, or for more chaos, ramp it up to 6 vs 6.

Online Gameplay = 5

ALL of the game's multiplayer is online, so if you don't have and internet connection, you're missing out on great multiplayer and DLC. There is so much fun to be had, with voice chat with multiple cops or racers, you can gang up on the other team (oh yeah, did I mention that racers can bust cops too?). You won't ever run out of things to do online.

This game is a must-have for hardcore gamers (such as myself, hehehh), and newcomers. There is a wide-selection of cars, thrilling speeds, and a HUGE island to explore.