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Have You Try The Best Combination Of Chocolate???

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The Ferrero Rocher Chocolate name is coming from the Italian pastry chef, who called Pietro Ferrero. These gentlemen have idea to make a most famous chocolate with affordable price! His plan is success well, because this chocolate becom famos all over the world! Around 1940 his chocolate factory starts manufactoring the Chocolate. And we can see, after 70 years, now in 2010, this product is still in the number 10 in the world chocolate market!

The price is absolutely affordable, and very friendly for this amounth of chocolate. The 4 piece, cost basically around 70-90p, the 8 piece with nice plastic box around 3-4£, and the 16 piece (family Package) around 7-9£. But is in depend where you buy, like shops, newsagents, petrol stations etc. The small amount package, (4) just wrapped by plastic foil, but the bigger boxes 8-16 get a elegant and very nice plastic box! Each of chocolate wrapped in the gold color foil, but sometime you can find more different color, like Silver, Braun, independ on the promotions . Each of the chocolate wearing the box the F. R. LOGO. The box already looks elegant, next to each other placed the delicious chocolate balls, shine foil around all of them! I think is a perfect gift for a friends, or family, or boyfriend, girlfriend!

A whole piece of hazelnut, around smooth chocolate in the wafer shell, which one is getting another layer of milk chocolate, and finally covered by chopped nuts!

Each Ferrero Rocher ball

69 Calorie's

5g Fat

5.8% Protein

This chocolate is not a calorie bomb, so we no need to scare about the extra kilo's :)

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