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Having You Own Personal Summer?

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Thankfully, I have not quite reached this point yet....and I am really not looking forward to it. But I work in a mostly female profession and quite a few of my co-workers are pre-menopausal. On any given day at least one of them will break out in a flushed sweat and start to fan themselves in our morning meeting while the rest of us look on in pity. Often they will state something along the lines of they are "having my own private summer."

Now, since our offices are controlled on a central thermostate, they are kept at a pretty constant temp of 70 degrees or so. Not so comfortable when you are in the mist of a blazing hot flash apparently. So, one of my co-workers bought this cute little clip on fan for her office. And if I do say so myself, it is PERFECT.

Most fans are bulky and ugly but not this cute little thing. It takes up virtually no room as she can clip it high on a cabinet and it blows straight into her face, without blowing her desk papers all over the place! So while other co-workers are fanning themselves with brochures or worse have a regular fan blowing on them and threatening to scatter their papers all over, this lady is just sitting comforabally in her office going about her business :0)