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Hawaiian Airlines Visa Card My Ticket To Paradise

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Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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Doesn’t everyone have a credit card these days? At least one? We all know that using credit isn’t the wisest thing to do, and that it can take more time than we’d like to think about to pay back our balances plus interest. Are more and more people becoming wise to this fact? Is that why the credit card companies are actually offering incentives now?

Well, the tactic is working on us!

My husband and I had all our credit card debt paid and we were really proud about it. It took a lot of hard work and will power. But then…. We heard about the Hawaiian Air Miles Plan that Hawaiian Airlines was offering through Bank of America. We have friends who go to Hawaii every year and rarely have to pay for airfare because of the air miles they accrue by using their Hawaiian Airlines Visa. We were sold!

We, ourselves, have been to Kauai several times now. The first time we went was way back in 1989 when I won a trip. The second time was for our fortieth anniversary. That was the only trip we paid airfare for!

Every dollar you spend using the Hawaiian Airlines Visa gives you one Hawaiian Air Mile. We decided to make our purchases and even pay our bills with our Hawaiian Airlines Visa so that we could earn air miles for our vacations. We pay the bill off as best we can each month, so as not to defeat the purpose of saving money on airline tickets by having to pay exorbitant interest rates. The interest rate we pay on the Visa isn’t as bad as some, but still it’s paying for nothing, really.

After each vacation, Hawaiian Airlines banks a huge amount of air miles into our Air Miles accounts just for flying with them. This is what always gets us started dreaming about the next vacation, which is exactly what they are hoping for. It works!