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Hawaiian Breeze Fan Cools My Hot Flashes!

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A few weeks ago we were on vacation and visiting our youngest daughter in Orlando, Florida. I knew as soon as I got off the plane I was in trouble. The average temperature was hitting between 95 and 97 degrees and with a lovely humidity index.

I'm at that age where hot flashes seem to be creeping up. The first morning I stepped out of the shower and in the process of getting ready for the day my makeup basically kept sliding off. I was sweating like a rock star at the end of a concert. I could only turn the air down so much before things started to freeze over in our room. My husband could not be seen as he was buried under the blankets.

I told him before we did anything remotely to do with Disney we were going to look for a little fan I could put in the bathroom to help keep me cool while getting ready in the morning (the one time I could guarantee I would be getting the vapors!).

A quick trip to Target solved my problem. Not wanting to spend an arm and a leg I found this really great looking 4" high velocity fan called the Hawaiian Breeze. Now I'm not sure a Hawaiian breeze would be high velocity but this little fan was like heaven when I turned it on.

It only has the one speed which was fine with me. It has an adjustable tilt fan head which can be turned up or down with ease. This fan runs so quietly you wouldn't even know it's on (and I did accidentally leave it turned on a few times). It has the on/off switch right at the top which was very convenient and has a polarized plug. The little stand the fan is mounted on has rubber feet in four places which keeps the fan in place, not that it ever moved a hair while I had it turned on. There is a one year limited warranty but for $6.99 it would probably be cheaper to replace it if needed.

The temperature never really came down but each morning I felt fresh and presentable when we headed out the door. Whether you need a little extra help with hot flashes like me, or just need some cool air, I would recommend this great little fan to all of you. I will say without a doubt this is the best $7.00 I ever spent on any vacation so far.

Update On Jun 26, 2008: I recently went to the Target back home in Michigan to buy one of these fans to use here. I found that it came in anothr color, black. I use it every day and it's still the best little fan that I have purchased.