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Hawkeye Houses My Betta

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I've been a Betta (Siamese Fighting fish) lover for years. I never liked keeping these little creatures in cup-sized bowls, plant vases, or even goldfish bowls. I've always used aquariums for my pet Bettas they really seem to thrive in an aquarium environment.

I came across the Hawkeye International Aquatank at Wal-Mart and I just had to have it. It's hexagon shaped and only two gallons--perfect for a Betta.

The aquarium is seamless acrylic. It has a trim piece for the bottom and top. There is a lid, a light, a filtration system with air pump, and a decorative plant. You need only supply gravel, water, a fish, and food (actually a little food sample came with mine).

The filter system works with a filter plate and an air stone. As an owner of several aquariums I had never seen a system quite like this. Somehow waste is sucked under the filter plate with the air stone. It's a pretty effective method and really saves you a bundle in carbon filters.

If you are in the market for a Betta, you should check out what Hawkeye International has to offer. Give your Betta the gift of space. He will appreciate it.