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Haze Ps3 Review

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Lindy Smith By Lindy Smith on
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This game had so much potential but failed to deliver. You play a soldier in the future. The army is regularly treated with a substance called Haze which sharpens their senses and suppresses emotions. In the beginning, you are sent to take out a drug lord and his organization in another country. The story isn't bad, but the character acting is really corny. You can look past if the actual gameplay was worth it though. Unfortunately, it's not much different than any other first person shooter. When you trigger your Haze, the enemies stand out and are thus easier to hit. You have to make sure you don't overdose or you will temporarily lose control and kill anyone around, friend or foe. You can also trigger the overdose in your teammates by shooting their Haze regulators. It's cool for the first few times, but it gets old quickly. It seems like there are checkpoints every thirty seconds and you need them because it's so easy to die. The controls are kind of unreliable at times and some of the camera angles are restrictive. There just aren't enough positives in the game to separate it from other shooters. If you're looking for a good first-person shooter, I'd recommend looking at other games.