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Hb 101: A Garden Miracle

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Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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If you are tired of poor blooms and skimpy underweight veggies and fruits, help is here! There is a wonderful little miracle known as HB-101. Though not technically a fertilizer in the accepted sense, this all natural product works wonders in the garden. Here is what the creator of HB-101 says:"HB-101 is a purely natural extract derived from the portion of the plant that is most important in the development process. HB -101 is a growth nutrient for plant, flower and crops production and it is not a chemical fertilizer. HB-101 is a 100% organic product, safe for plants, animals and designed to benefit the earth's environment, while reducing the demand for costly fertilizers."


It is an almost odorless clear liquid that is diluted in water. Just a few drops will fertilize a large number of plants. For example, to feed houseplants you would add 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of HB-101 per gallon of water, applying 1-3 times per week. Application is easy-simply drench the soil with the dilute feed.

For roses, fruit trees and sun loving plants you mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of HB-101 to a gallon of water 1-2 times per week. Cut flowers benefit by adding 1-2 drops with each water change.

The effects on vegetables like squash and tomatoes is to say the least-startling. I trialed this on 6 squash plants and two of 8 tomato plants when I first discovered this gem several years ago. My patty squash and zucchinis trebled in size, with some of my patty pans weighing in at 2 pounds. No, they weren't woody or dry, but full of flavor and very sweet. My tomatoes, especially the beefsteaks all weighed in at two pounds or more, were healthy sweet and perfectly shaped. They had no cracks or catfacing at all.

And this was at much lower recommended use of HB-101. This is a highly economical product. The bottle comes with a small measuring cap, which is very handy when out in the garden. Based on my own actual long term usage and visible improvement in my garden, I can honestly say this is one of the best garden feeds I've ever found.