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Reviewing: Vizio 22'' Class Hdtv  |  Rating:
Nick VerVoort By Nick VerVoort on
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If you know somebody who is holding out on buying an HDTV, they no longer have an excuse. This TV was a steal at $300 when I bought it, and since then the price has dropped to around $275. Last summer, as a new PS3 owner, I was having a really hard time reading on-screen text with my old hulking CRT SDTV. It was blurry from a distance, and worse up close. So I researched, saved a bit of cash, and finally got this beauty. Read on.

Picture and Sound Quality

This is the big selling point for most TVs. Since audio and video is a television set's only purpose, people expect a high standard from one. Fortunately, Vizio does not disappoint. Thought the picture is only 720p, rather than the maximum of 1080p, at the screen size of 22'' I've been told that it doesn't really make a difference. And sure enough, text is crisp, detail is clear and vivid. The colors are spot on. My one gripe is that the TV takes a moment to begin receiving input from HDMI cables, so I never see or hear the first half-second of the PS3's startup jingle anymore. That's not a huge complaint, right? The sound quality is fantastic, and this thing puts out a lot of noise. I keep the volume around 30% in the day and 20% at night, but it gets much louder.


Though the 22'' Vizio HDTV only has 1 HDMI port, it also has 1 set of Component ports, 1 set of AV ports (with S-video included), and 1 Coaxial port in case you want to rock a VCR or Super Nintendo on an HDTV for some reason. With the use of switch-boxes, coaxial daisy chains, and tangled cables, I've managed to hook up nine video game systems to this single TV, so there's no problems there.

In closing, this is a good TV. 22'' might not seem like a lot, but the amount of pixels you'll get in exchange for that screen size is mind-boggling for somebody who has never owned an HDTV, and you know what? The price is right.