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Head Liquidmetal Radical Mp Stiff Competition

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By miko on
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To preface this, I'm a NTRP 4.5 player. I hit with a semiwestern grip and a two handed backhand. I string my rackets with polyester, and I like to take big swings at the ball. So for the record, the Liquidmetal Radical seemed like a perfect fit for me. And it was.

The orange color scheme of the Radical line is still maintained in this incarnation, using Liquidmetal technology. The 'liquidmetal' is put into the 2, 10, 4 and 8 o clock positions of the racket, which creates a solid sweet spot for the racket to use. Hitting the sweet spot left a crisp feel, off any type of ball. Mis#&*s were relatively forgiving, which is a product of the Intelligence fibres from past tech giving the dampened feel of the racket. Although it is a stiff racket, this helped the racket from being too harsh on your elbow. Full swings are rewarded with this racket, as you will rarely have the ball fly long. At the same time, this low powered stick forces you to really generate your own pace, or you'll be leaving a lot of short balls for your opponent to eat up.

Serving was good with this racket, spin was accessible but not mindblowing. Power is available, with its 4pt head light balance, however, more weight would make heavier serves available. Volleys are not a problem, as the swingweight is not too much of an issue, so deft touch volleys can be stuck. Against skilled players, the sub-11oz stick can be pushed around a bit, but adding some weight, via lead tape (which I do), can make this a much heftier and dangerous racket.

This racket was not made for sub-3.0 NTRP players, however, it is a joy to play with if using the Head Prestige line is just too much for an advancing player. For a younger player, or a player trying to improve their game, the Liquidmetal Radical is a great option for pushing you to the next level.