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Headset Not As Good As Expected

Reviewing: Sennheiser Pc Voip/Stereo Headset W/Usb Pc36  |  Rating:
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I have gone through more headsets in the past year than I care to remember. This most recent purchase was a result of a cat who had somehow sliced through my audio wires of a headset that I really LOVED! Unfortunately, I couldn't locate that headset anywhere so had to settle for the Sennheiser PC-36 headset.

The package indicates this headset is perfect for VOIP/audio recording and according to the sales person at the store it is also one of the better Podcasting headsets out there.

Well...I was impressed for the first week or so...that is until I was listening to a video and the headset would emit this crackling sound each time the video hit a louder portion (if someone shouted or clapped their hands etc). The static that this would cause was irritating to say the least. The headset offers the ability to plug in via USB or directly into the audio/headset connections on a laptop. To be fair, I've only used them connected via USB so perhaps the crackling noise these emit sometimes could be over come by using the direct audio/headset connectors into my laptop. I'll update this review once I have a chance to investigate that a bit more.

Recording with this headset is very straight forward but the boom mic is not very flexible and you have only a few positions to choose from all of which are basically right in your face! This mic definitely requires a Pop filter for any kind of recording work because it's extremely sensitive. It works well to cut out background noise but has a huge problem when recording words that include "p's, s's, b's, " or any that produce air of any sort from the mouth.

For the money, I'm pretty disappointed in this headset. It's very light on the head but the ear pieces don't stay well positioned on the ears and I find I have to do a lot of adjusting during any listening or podcasting session.

I don't think I could recommend these to anyone particularly not as podcasting gear, even if the connectivity via direct audio/headset proves to be a fix for the crackling...for the amount of money spent I am pretty certain there are better headsets out there for the price. Sennheiser is known for their headsets and mic equipment but this product really didn't encourage me to become a dedicated customer. However, I have been looking at a professional mic from this company that might find its way into my clutches at some point but I'm still on the hunt for the headset I can really LOVE.