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Ice Elements has a 100% squalane product that is derived from olives (as opposed to sharks) and comes in a pretty tinted blue bottle with a glass dropper.

While squalane is an oil, when used in small quantities it is not greasy at all. In addition to its moisturizing properties (which is great for plumping up the skin to make fine lines and wrinkles to be a lot less noticeable), it stimulates cell renewal and has antibacterial properties.

My favorite method of application is to mix 1 - 3 drops in with my facial moisturizer in the palm of my hand. I like to do this at night as it makes a very smooth application and proves to be much more hydrating, especially in the dead of winter when we have the drying heat on indoors.

I do not add the oil during the day as my concern would be that the oil may interfere with my sunscreen. While I haven’t had a problem with it, I do know that oil will attract the suns rays so it is more of a leaning towards the safe side as a preventative measure.

I also have added a couple of drops to my body lotion on occasion. Not too often, as using too much squalane could actually have a drying effect. I do use it on my feet and lips straight up, however. I find that putting on a layer of squalane followed by lotion and them a pair of socks does my feet well at night. As far as my lips go, using it straight up is the best moisture that I have used. I have been thinking about picking up a roller ball container so that I can carry around some in my purse.

I have also tried using the squalane in hand soap to give it a less drying feel, but found it to be cost prohibitive on the amount that I would need to add. The squalane also alleviates a lot of the sudsing, which makes me want to use more soap, sooo… good in theory… but not so great in the execution.

The squalane is also great on bruises and cuts, due to its cell renewing capabilities. It is the healing capabilities that helps with the skin tone as the quicker healing brings new skin under a scab back into my regular skin tone, even with the rest of my skin, much faster than without using the squalane.

There are two more uses that I use squalane for, one is on my scalp. I put a drop or two into the palm of my hand, then dip my fingertips into it and do a massage on my scalp. The other use it to put a dropper full under warm running water for a hydrating bath. Since this is natural, this could be used on children as well as adults.