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Healthy Brides Bootcamp: They Aren't Kidding!

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By marnm02 on
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This was one of three wedding workout DVDs I bought to get in shape for my wedding. Let me tell you, they are not playing around when they call it Bootcamp. It is by far the most difficult of the three DVDs I bought.

The first time I did this workout, I could only make it about halfway through. I'm young and in a healthy weight range, but as a beginner, and it was way too much for me. Now that I've done it a few times, I can make it through with just a couple short rests, but am I ever huffing and puffing by the end!

The format is a little confusing. On the menu you can select either cardio or dress specific weights. I always start with the cardio. The cardio consists of a warm up, then a series of jumping jacks, jogging in place, knee lifts, skater jumps, and scissor kicks. And you just keep doing them until you feel like you are going to pass out. Then you move onto the "hardcore" cardio which thankfully is very short and consists of three excersises that involve various types of squatting down on the ground and jumping back up.

I then select one of the dress specific weights. You can pick either backless, mermaid, or strapless. I haven't noticed much difference in them, so I alternate just to keep things interesting. The strength training is pretty short and basic. Cardio is definately the area where this DVD really works you.

To follow up, you have to go back to the menu and select stretching. I didn't realize this was there until just the other day, so I had been just ending the workout after dress specific weights for a long time.

You really do get a great workout with this DVD. It is a challenge. The instructor is not perky or friendly seeming. It really is like bootcamp. I do it every couple days. I like that I probably won't get adjusted to it anytime soon, and it will always be a challenge.