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Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil...

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My fiancé lives and works in the Netherlands. For anyone experiencing the joys and pains of long distance relationships with friends or loved ones, they will let you know that it is of the utmost importance to be able to speak them on a regular basis. With phone service as it is, often lackluster and pricey, it helps to know that the internet technology and computer communication industry has provided many alternatives to feel as if they aren’t so far away.

One of the most important tools I use to communicate with would be my headset and microphone. It’s most desired feature is allowing me to hear what I want to listen to without it mixing in with any background noises, to speak without pushing any buttons or devices. Since I am highly active, even sitting at my desk, I can appreciate that simple assistance while my hands can be busy typing whatever I need to.

I have used several models over the last year and I am currently using an Altec Lansing AHS322, Skype Certified, by Playtronics. When I went to purchase this headset in the store, I was searching for something that would be quick and easy to install, something that would be comfortable, but more importantly, in my price range. I found this model and it seemed to fit those requirements, I was pleased to find that like most headsets, it’s only need was to be plugged in before it was ready to use.

I have been using it for almost 3 months now, approximately 5-8 hours a day, 7 days a week. During my usage I have found that it is flimsy and without special attention and care, could break with little pressure, so I advise proper storage if not using. The soft foam ear pads do protect your ear somewhat, but after 2 hours of wear, it begins to become uncomfortable and I find that readjusting helps ease some of the strain against the outside of my ear. The microphone is adjustable and also my biggest complaint. You should be able to position it as you like, but the mechanism has not held it where I put it when I move the mic away from my mouth. It falls and does not catch, so I spend a lot of my effort pushing it where I want it to stay, only to find that it has a mind of it’s own.

While listening to music or movies, the sound is clear, I have also had no complaints from anyone I have spoke to while using this to communicate. My final conclusion is that while I am thankful that this product met my price range and minimal needs, the design could be improved and I should look into finding something better equipped for extended usagage.