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Heart: 'Definitive Collection'

Reviewing: Sony Music Entertainment 1995  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This is the most played cd in my house. My wifes favorite music cd by far. 'Baracuda' is always playing as if it were the 70's and it was just released.

The second great song to lace this great cd, is 'Little Queen', a slow piece that is a liitle bit like an old Little River Band song. This song is followed by a great radio hit, 'Kick It Out', which is a fast paced song similar to LYNYRD SKYNYRD in the musical mix. These Girls could whip out the rugged bar type music like this one, as if the were the best around. Nice mix instrumentaly, and very nice song.

The next three titles were not bad, not quite the best though. 'Dream Of The Archer', was a song that recieved airtime, but did not compare to the faster style. 'Cry To Me', the #5 song in the collection is a better song, with a greater meaning in the words in this emotional song about release.

'Love Alive', preludes another radio hit song that was released in 1978. 'Dog And The Butterfly', reached a high volume fan base that tore this music up. These women had everything that was needed to compete with the bands of their day.

The #8 song was a great dance hit. This title is what portrayed the sexy side of these fabulous hot babes, and got the men into their music. Sort of a gambling song, 'Straight On' plays out with a great beat and relaxing fit for the evening at home.

'Lighter Touch', and 'Nada One' were the next two hits from 1978. these were two excellent pieces of art. I love them both.

The eleventh song is one of this bands baddest of all. 'Even It Up', a favorite from 1980, was the next wave of music when heart released this bad girl song. People became very fond of these two leather bound babes. 'Even It Up' sounds like a "Foreigner' song, and I am sure that this style was what this band wanted to flaunt.

'Sweet Darlin', This Man Is Mine', and 'Perfect Stranger', are the titles up next. These three are followed by a great romantic remake from 1966, 'Tell It Like It Is', a beautiful ballad from the Year I was born.

The sixteenth and seventeenth songs rock it up, as the eighteenth is a slow finale.

'How Can I Refuse' and 'Allies, along with 'Johnny Moon' are three interesting pieces from this greatest hits release, that finish off what has turned out to be a great cd for my collection. These last three aren't anything special, but the release as a whole was awesome. I love heart. I really do! This used cd was a great buy from Hastings.