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Heart Of The Ocean

Reviewing: Paramount Pictures And 20th Century Fox Titanic  |  Rating:
By ladychai on
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Every woman dreams of a man that can sweep them off their feet, fly them to the sky and lift their spirits up. A rich girl can indeed fall in love to a poor boy. Maybe if she is not practical. Unless of course if she is a poor girl pretending to be rich.

The storyline is okay but not enough to really convince this audience. The insertion of the love story to a known history is great whilst preserving its glory, the unsinkable ship or so they say.

I think everyone wants a life where there are less worries I would not believe though that what she had with Jack is really love but more on wanting to escape from a fate she does not want and has no ability to get away from, I imagined that was what Rose wanted rather than having to be tied to a relationship with hockley. Jack the drifter became some sort of her access point. This is from my point of view though and I am pretty sure that many would not agree with me.

See sometimes when a man or a woman gets trapped with something they cannot find ways to get away from. They would usually grab the opportunity, of freedom, the first person that would offer them. And more often than not the relationship will become a trap once again until another person comes. Then again though on rare occassions love will spring and stopping the cycle..

I have to say though that this movie has every right to become the highest grossing film of all time. Titanic does not only evolved with Jack and Rose but RMS Titanic itself. This is where James Cameron is very good at.

There is one thing I have noticed in James Cameron's two biggest movies, his leading ladies are often engaged whilst the leading man is a free lancer someone who emitates like butterfly on soaring on its wings with a brand new hope after getting out of its cocoon, and at the end, the free lancer gets the girl. Hmmm, can this somehow relate to a true to life story somewhere?