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Heartburn Relief Antacid

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Wal-Mart has an Equate version of Gaviscon name brand Antacid Tablets and at a much cheaper price. I do prefer the Gaviscon because how the tablets "foam" when you chew them. I have tried lots of different antacid tablets and these are just as good as the name brand - in my opinion.

Wal-Mart's brand of these tablets it pretty close and for about half the price. I normally find these on sale at a flat $4.00 price, which is not normal for Wal-Mart pricing. But again, it's still half the cost of the name brand antacids.

I have noticed that with age, if I eat too late, I will normally get heartburn or indigestion and it hits me about 2AM. I will chew 2-4 tablets depending on how badly I feel and then go back to bed. I have always been able to sleep once again after taking these and rarely do I wake back up until I have to around 6:30 or 7:00AM.

These tablets seem to react pretty fast with indigestion and/or heartburn and that's a good thing. The flavor is more on the lines of milk. There is no mint or fruity flavor that I can taste or that's listed on the label.

Do not swallow these tablets whole because they are meant to be chewed and are quite large.

The active ingredients are:

Aluminum hydroxide 160mg and Magnesium carbonate 105mg

Contains 100 chewable tablets

Do not take if you have kidney disease or are on a magnesium or sodium-restricted diet. Always consult your doctor if you are not sure.

Do not take more than 16 tablets within 24 hours. After all, that's quite a lot and if you are taking that much antacid from any brand you really need to see a doctor. You may have a more serious condition than just indigestion, heartburn or sour stomach. You are also not suppose to take these for more than two weeks straight.

For me, these work just fine and are pretty fast acting. I don't take them all the time because changing eating habits is wiser than just eating junk and paying for it later on. I do admit that with the economy being like it is, it's harder to eat very healthy, so we have not been eating as we should.

Note that eating healthy is really a better way to control health issues - even when it comes to indigestion.