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Hearts In Atlantis

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kurenai By kurenai on
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I decided to buy this book after hearing it discussed between two friends. I am a fan of Stephen King, so I figured it was more of a reason to buy it anyway.

This book is split up into three parts, into three different lives with different stories to tell. All of these characters lives are connected to each other in some way.

The first and longest story ("Low Men in Yellow Coats") was breath-taking, consisting of supernatural powers and entities, childhood crushes, and an indescribeable sense of unknown as to where our lives take us. "Low Men in Yellow Coats" had a lot of emotion surging throughout each word, even making me tear up at certain parts. I definetly loved this story the most and am glad it's being continued in it own series called "The Dark Tower."

The second story ("Hearts in Atlantis") was good, but couldn't live up to "Low Men in Yellow Coats." It's a good read if you like stories of college life and the things that come with it, but it certainly didn't appeal to me as much. There was one good part however that explained the title of the book, but other than that it didn't deliver.

The third and final story ("Blind Willie") was the blandest of all. It didn't appeal to me at all, so I gave up reading it partway and never finished it.

As a whole, I recommend Hearts in Atlantis solely for the first story, maybe the second. It's definetly a good read overall though.