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Heat Relief

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My personal computer has been out of commission for awhile, so I have been relying completely on my laptop. Whenever I use my laptop, I tend to forget about my posture, and correct positioning of the screen. So therefore, I have been getting some neck pains. Recently, my neck hurt bad enough to need some pain relief. I looked at many creams and gels, and finally chose Aspercreme Heat Pain Relieving Gel.

Something I particularly liked about this cream was that it did not have a strong smell, like so many of these creams do. (Sometimes when you use them, you have to go sleep in another room, so as not to keep your loved one awake.) You can smell the menthol when you first put it on, but it dissipates rather quickly.

This Aspercreme Heat Gel has a sponge applicator, which causes it to go on easily and quickly. I applied it to the area of my neck that was painful, and felt pretty immediate relief. (I really think that it somewhat irritates the skin, which causes a burning sensation, and you are no longer aware of the original pain. That's just my theory.)

I felt a warm heat, and eventually felt a cold feeling--particularly in the area where the cold air hit my neck. The instructions tell you not to bandage the area being treated, and not to use a heating pad with the gel. You can repeat the application as often as needed, up to 3 or 4 times daily.

This is a temporary pain relieving gel that can help with arthritis pain, backache, neck pain, sprains, muscle ache, bruises, and muscle cramps. The active ingredient is 10% menthol.

I felt this was a good product to help with pain relief, until my neck felt better. I think you would benefit as well, if you are experiencing muscle aches.