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Heavenly Sword

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By kidtechno on
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Could it be that the Playstation 3 is finally getting some exclusive, must own games? Heavenly Sword, the eagerly anticipated hack & slasher from Sony, may look as if it's a toned down God of War, but don't let that fool you. Boasting some incrediblely mouth watering graphics and superb controls, Heavenly Sword puts you in the role of Nariko: a female warrior who wields said sword and takes down hordes of enemies in the process. While this may sound like it'll get boring after a while (like many games of the genre do), Heavenly Sword manages to keep things pretty fresh by implementing different play styles, playable characters, and puzzle elements as well. The game also boasts some incredible production values, excellent music and sound effects, great voice acting, and entertaining cinematics and story as well. The only real negative to Heavenly Sword is that the game is quite short. It won't take you long to get through the game (you could beat it in an afternoon if you so desired), and though there are a nice selection of unlockables and extras to find as well, the replay factor isn't very high here. Not to mention that the puzzle elements aren't anything we haven't seen before either, but these negatives don't take away the fact that Heavenly Sword is one of the best, original games to hit the PS3 yet. All in all, Heavenly Sword is a fun blast while it lasts, and needless to say, if you own a PS3, this is one of the games you've been waiting to get your hands on since you purchased the console.