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Heavy Duty Electronic Mosquito Killer Vs. Dengue

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Our bedroom is the first one in the hallway from the main door. A lot of mosquitoes go inside the main door because in the set up of our house in a commercial building, it is really dark and it has lots of boxes stacked outside. So no matter how we protect our room, there are still mosquitoes that find their way inside.

So my husband put a Daimaru Electronic Fly & Mosquito Killer inside our room. It is actually owned by my in-laws. As you can see in the pictur, it is made of steel. Inside there is a light bulb whose light is like a purplish glow, but they say it attracts the mosquitoes to it. Since it has light, we turn it on all night and make it like a night light.

Anytime of the night, when there is a mosquito, it is attracted to the insect killer and gets toasted instantly. My only problem is, since it uses electricity to kill bugs, you will hear a loud tick or sometimes a scorching sound when there is a mosquito or an insect. When this happens while I am already asleep, I would get roused from my sleep. But since the sound is just a fraction of a second and not so noisy, I can still easily get back to sleep. It is better than having mosquitoes bite me and my husband and my child.

It only consumes 15 watts so it does not consume much energy. However, it is quite expensive, so the initial investment can be pretty hefty. I think it was about $60 when my in-laws bought them. I believe the price has gone down since then, but I am not sure how much.

This insect killer may be used outdoors as well, like in the garden. When there are flies around, they may also be killed. But I am not sure how they are attracted to this device, as outdoors during the day, the light could not be seen. At night maybe, it is prominent. I saw this in an outdoor restaurant one time and man, the device keeps on ticking every few minutes. That means there are really lots of mosquitoes there.

Our unit is about 5 years old alread, or probably more, and is still working efficiently.