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Hellgate: London

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Hellgate: London is a new MMORPG/MMOFPS created by Flagship Studios and EA Games. It is based in the year 2038, and the demons and creatures from hell have invaded London, England, and you are part of the last resistance to save the city, or perhaps even the planet.

Many of the features in Hellgate: London make it a very desirable game to play, and any gamer should have pride to have it sitting on his/her shelf. Some major features of it are the 2 perspectives, first person and third person views. Another feature that makes grinding and killing monsters less tedious is how that when you 'lock' on to an enemy, it doesn't auto attack, let's say you have a sword, every time you click, your sword swings, so it is more like you, yourself is doing all the fighting and work in the game.

Since Flagship released this game prematurally, it still has many bugs and glitches in it. One of the most annoying ones, was the party bug. If you were in a party and you changed zones, sometimes your party member would go invisible and you would have to leave the zone and re-enter to be able to see him, and it sometimes randomly teleported you to the beginning of the level. In their most recent patch, .6, they have fixed most of the bugger bugs in the game, making it a much easier and smoother game to play. Since the game, and the company for a matter of fact is so new, there is still much lag in some of the zones, especially in the outdoor areas.

One of the features that probably got many people to play was the free online play. Just buy the game, and you can play. But they also hve a subscription feature, were you pay $9.95 every month and in all the updates you get more features and access to more content in the game itself.

The game itself is fairly small at the moment, but they plan to release more areas, and more storylines in upcoming patches.

With fairly minimal system requirements, and a free online play feature, I would have to say that this game belongs on every gamers shelf.