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Help! My Kenmore Bbq Grill Fell Can't Get Up!

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My husband wanted to invest a fancy grill. Now, to me a fancy grill is one that looks like a wok and has three little legs with a cover on it. An unfancy grill is a fire. Of course, his definition was different. It involved gas tanks and burners and steel and looked incredibly like an oven with wheels to me. Which we already have an oven with all that sans wheels, of course.

So he drags me shopping all over the Home Depot, The Lowes, everywhere they sell these things and they all look the same to me. So I tell him to get whatever he wants.

So the next day, he comes home with the Kenmore Premium Gas Grill from K-mart. Now this surprised me because we hadn't visited K-Mart and I'm a little mistrusting of the "marts". But he was proud of his purchase because he got all the features he wanted such as a dual heat system, two grills, (upper and lower) and a rotisserie unit that could replace the upper grill. It also came with a side burner for rice or anything you needed to heat with a pan. It has a cabinet below for storage and a utensil rack on the inside door. It has a temperature gauge on the outside and lets you set the temperature that you want the overall grill to be at if you need that function. And of course, it is stainless steel. Inside the cabinet is the place where the propane tank connects and it is easy to connect and disconnect. We don't keep it covered and it is sheltered only by an awning on our pool-house and it has weathered well over the last 3 years.

We did have trouble with it twice.

Trouble 1. We used it three times in the first three weeks and the first time it worked great. The second time, it did not appear to be heating to the set temperature and food was taking a lot longer to cook. By the third time, it was pretty useless and we had to cook inside.

So we loaded it up on my dad's pickup and took it back to K-mart. Dad helped hubby secure it and I wondered why my services were needed at all to return the thing to K-mart. My hubby tells me that it is because he would have to park it in front while he retrieves Shane, the ever-so-helpful customer service rep, and I would have to guard the grill.

So we arrive and hubby goes to find Shane and I do my guard duty and everything is uneventful. Shane and hubby get the grill off the truck and look it over. It actually lights up but doesn't even get warm. Shane says it is the regulator-flux-modulator-thingy. Shane goes to get us a new one. They load it up and I go back to sitting in the pick-up because people are staring at us.

Trouble 2. I say, and you must believe me on this, that I don't believe that the grill should be standing-up as we pull away. I'm thinking it should be lying down. And that is ALL I'm going to say on the matter.

Because somewhere along downtown, our dialogue on the matter was interrupted by the loud thump and then sound of metal sliding on pavement.

Because the fancy grill just fell out of the truck.

Evidently, the tailgate wasn't shut good and it rolled back and fell out. In about 10 pieces.

So, I helped hubby pick up the remains of the fancy grill and some guy across the street helped him put the biggest piece of the carcass back into the bed of the truck. And we get back inside the truck after holding up traffic for fifteen minutes as we had to find all our pieces. EMBARESSING.

We get home and I just go inside. What do you do? What do you say? Dad knew that his tailgate sometimes doesn't latch and didn't say anything. Shane and Mark didn't tie it down very well so it slipped out of its mortal coil and rolled to the back. I wasn't watching to see it start to slide because I was trying to find a non-country radio station.

Mark stayed outside and about an hour later he came in said "dinner's ready". Lo and behold, he had put Humpty Dumpty back together and it lit to 800 degrees. He had cooked us medium rare steaks and roasted potatoes.

Then he said ""That other grill might have just needed a good thunk."

It's been working great ever since.