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Helping Immune Systems Near You

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Immunocal is a product 30 years in the making. It all started when Dr. Buonos wanted to help trauma patients heal faster, and after years of research, study, and trials, Immunocal was created. This all natural health supplement is derived from cow's milk and boosts your immune system. It is the only natural supplement found in the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference). Immunocal basically increases the body's levels of Glutathione (the immune systems tiny little workhorses) by supplying the raw amino acids needed to create it. Glutathione can only be created inside the body's cells, so there is no other way to boost it except providing your body with its building blocks. Immunocal has been used to help people with; "AIDS and cancer muscle wasting, chemical and infectious hepatitis, radiation poisoning, malnutrition states, strong physical stress, and acetaminophen toxicity, cardiovascular, lung, digestive and kidney disorders."* It helps the immune system work at optimum levels so that the body can fight infection and disease. If a person is healthy, it helps keep them that way.

This stuff isn't snake oil; scientists have been studying it for years. The 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine winner, Dr. Luc Montanier, devoted a chapter in his latest book to Immunocal (Dr. Luc Montanier is famous for his AIDS research). This product also really helps cancer patients. It has been known to reduce the damaged caused by chemo therapy, and lessens the "withering away" of the patient's body.

This product can also be used to help animals, as my mother force fed it to our cat after it had been bitten by a rattlesnake. The vet thought she was crazy but the cat lived. Hooray!

Immunocal is considered "an all-natural non-prescription health product available worldwide."* It can be mixed with applesauce, yogurt, shakes, ice cream, and other cool foods or liquids but should never be heated. Immonocal comes in boxes of thirty packets. It can be tricky finding this product as it is not sold in stores or pharmacies, and doctors don't prescribe it. It would have been too expensive to buy through pharmaceutical companies ($600-$900 a box!) so the company Immunotec was created. The product is sold by Independent distributors (I'm one of them, as is my mother) because it was the cheapest way to get the product to people. More info can be found at immunocal.com.

*Quotes taken from Immunocal web site.