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Herbal Antioxidants

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At my husband's job, his employer is into herbal treatments and eating healthy. We tease because we say instead of getting health insurance, his boss just gives them a tube of Airborne. It's really not a joke because that's what they do.

When I was sick in November, my husband brought me home 2 of these tubes to take. The tablets are about the size of a quarter, but pretty thick. It's best to drop a tablet into a glass of room temperature water, but I prefer cold water from the refrigerator. It just takes longer to dissolve. The tablet is effervescent and has an orange flavor.

The bottle states it was developed by a second grade teacher, which I am sure probably got tired of getting sick from her kids in class.

Airborne has 17 herbs and nutrients, including electrolytes andantioxidants.

I can't say really whether these tablets helped or not, because I was taking so much stuff for my sinus infection and was so miserable, that I really could care less at the time. My husband does like taking them and I guess if we had more, I'd be taking them throughout the week, just to help boost my immune system.

Now you see the commercials here on tv with the cartoon dad who comes home to his real life family and all the day to day stresses. So if anything, if it helps with a stressful lifestyle and is only made of herbal ingredients then there is no need to worry about side effects that medications bring on.

Airborne comes with a 100% guarantee in satisfaction.