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Kancura Herbal Slimming Tea is basically the leaves of the Senna herb. This is supposed to be for slimming and many people that I know attest to its effectiveness. But I am not sure if we are really losing fat with this product. Here is my experience.

I used Kancura Herbal Slimming Tea because my sister in law uses it. And since she has stock in the house, I asked some for her in the hopes that my weight will go down as well. Honestly, it didn't. All I got was frequent trips to the bathroom. You see, Senna herb, as I have researched sort of irritates the large intestines in order to induce bowel movement. So in short, we get loose bowel movement. With this, I am not sure if we are really losing weight from fat, or weight from water, because we all know that if we have indigestion, we lose weight from loss of water and we have to take electrolytes.

I don't like this product because of that. If you have an appointment scheduled for the day, it can really be cumbersome because you have to go if you really have to go.

So I don't use it for slimming anymore. But whenever I have bouts of constipation, I drink this tea, but my brew is very mild so that I will just have enough to stimulate bowel movement and not loose bowel movement.

Its taste is okay, just like regular tea. I am not sure about the price though, as I did not buy this product.