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Here I Go Again

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This was a self titled album released in 2003 and got platinum award. This album was their first release and it contains eleven brand new songs. I love their music because the lyrics of each song were all inspired by their own experiences, faith, and reflection. Listening to their songs reminds and inspires me to go on living for the glory of my Creator.

List of Songs What if His people prayed?

- A song of reflection, a song of ‘what if?’ This is a song that points out an opinion what if God’s people pray and humbly seek His face and turn from their own ways. This song stirs our mind to think on what we can do and what might happen if we do. A message to all of us and a thought to ponder.If we are the body

- A song for ministry, it is written in the Bible that once a person became a Christian, he/she becomes part of the body; and if he/she’s part of the body, what shall he do next. This song is another awakening song for the Christians to step on their faith and be useful in the ministry for Christ’s sake.Voice of truth

- This song is one of my favorite songs. It brings hope and encouragement. The story of this song was taken from the Bible; the stories of Jonah, a Hebrew prophet of 8th century BC who was swallowed by a giant fish and was vomited after three days and David, a young shepherd boy who strike and killed a giant with just a sling and a stone; of course with his faith. The music and lyrics is tremendously beautiful and very inspiring.Who am I?

- Another inspiring song about what life really likes. This song used simile in describing life. A song and a question asking who we are in the very eyes of our Creator. The melody, rhyme and rhythm of the song complements to the voice of the singer.American dream

- American Dream is a song about American lifestyle…work and try to build their life and dreams with their own hands. People are busy acquiring wealth and everything but in the end, is it really all that matters?Here I go again

- Sharing the good news of salvation to others is a believer’s responsibility. But sometimes Christians neglect this duty just as Jesus commanded simply because of fear of rejection or maybe because of sin. ..This song reminds me that salvation is to be dealt seriously because it’s only God who knows what tomorrow could bring. Life is not ours to keep. Praise You with the dance

- This is a very nice song tuned with a good upbeat of a dance song. Dancing in the Bible is another way of expressing praise and thanksgiving to the Creator.Life of praise

- Very inspiring and uplifting song of praise declaring God to be the Lord of everything. He has no beginning nor end. Simply amazing and awesome God worthy of praise and honor.Your love is extravagant

- This one is different from the others; it has a very soft music that sooths within. This is about an abounding and extravagant love of a Savior and a friend. Its melody is very relaxing and inspiring.

Final wordsI like this group of Christian singers; their songs, the lyrics are different. Their songs are very provoking, inspiring, encouraging; not just for a Christian but also to everyone. Their songs bring out the thoughts that I know I have in the back of your mind that I couldn’t just express. Truly worth listening….thumbs up!