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Here Is Someone Who Can Change His Race

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Fifi Qwer By Fifi Qwer on
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Can you change from your race to another and right back to your race again? Can you convince others about your changed identity? Will people still recognize you? No, if you did it right like this author, then you should be in a disguise. A dark, muffling disguise that everyone will look down on. If you were this man who changed from white to black in the South back then, you would have regretted it. But he did it, for the sake for experimentation. Studying the people he once knew from a stranger's body, Griffen is faced with everything from discrimination to verbal and physical abuse to recieving the cold shoulder from his old friends and aquaintances. The hate stare he recieves soley because the color of his skin turns him into one of the victims.But he rises, and he fights.

After asking the doctor to expose him to harmful rays that darken his skin, Griffen rubs on his disguise, which seeps into his pores and turns him dark. He takes his daily medication to keep him that way. He clumsily tries to find out how he is treated even though he is the same exact person and the same mind. But when he walks on the street, there is no one who trusts him, and he is banned from all places for "Whites Only".After touring the south hungry, tired, and beaten, Griffen accepts the care and love of strangers who do good, but are still oppressed.

When he has enough, Griffen rubs off all his "blackness", and becomes a white man again. Soon, everything and everyone opens up to him. The white smiles return, but the black frowns come. Griffen releases his results and tries to tie the bridges between the black and the white. Many do not listen, many want to kill him. But he is also supported by many, he is also protected by many (namely, the law). But there is much more to the story than just an experiment. As the reader, you will witness the changes one faces when one lives in a world so racist. No one will know how it is for another until the day they step into their shoes. That is the day we will understand each other. And that is about the only way. To overcome all biases, superstitions, ignorance, and discrimination and unite. One voice, one person, one human.