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Heroes Of Might And Magic 2: The Succession Wars

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Heroes of Might and Magic 2 is one of the best PC games of all time. It is so good that the franchise has had five titles from Heroes of Might and Magic 1 to Heroes of Might and Magic 5. Various expansion packs for each title have also come out which came with more campaigns, maps, creatures and characters. The game was in fact voted as the sixth best PC game of all time by PC Gamer in 1997.

In Heroes of Might and Magic, you get the choice of playing six different classes. Each of the classes come with their own pros and cons. The classes are Knight, Barbarian, Sorceress, Necromancer, Wizard and Warlock. The Knights come with low cost structures and creatures but the creatures are weaker than other classes. In fact the peasant is the weakest creature in the entire game! The Barbarians have larger creatures than the Knights and also aren't very good spellcasters. The Sorceress has the advantage of good navigation skills which come in handy when there are bodies of water in the scenario. They also come with two of the best projectile creatures - the elves and the druids not to mention with the fastest creature in the game - the phoenix. The Necromancers strength is in the numbers game. They have a skill called necromancy which enables you to generate an insane amount of skeletons depending on your necromancy skill and the number of slain creatures. They also come with the bone dragon which could be had as early as turn 5! Next in line are the Wizards. The Wizards have the advantage of having 30 spell points at the beginning. A lightning bolt or cold ray on the second level of the mage guild provides and early advantage. Furthermore, they come with the library which provides you extra spells. They also boast of the titan - the second most powerful creature in the game. Lastly, we have the Warlocks which contain the most flying creatures of all at three. They also contain the highest power rating which makes their spells more effective. Also, they have the black dragon - the most powerful creature in the game. The downside is that the Warlocks also needs the most resources of all especially in terms of gold and sulphur.

The strength of the game comes with its replay value. Aside from coming with dozens of scenarios for individual and multiplayer, you also have the option to create your owns scenarios. The game also contains a campaign option which lets you choose a side. You could choose to serve Roland (good) or Archibald (evil). The campaign alsocontains cinematics which enhance the story.

Overall, the game is a classic. At $34.98 its quite high especially for an older game and less in terms of graphics as compared to the newer games. What it makes up for is the element of simplicity and fun. A must have for all PC gamers.