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Hershey's Bliss Milk Chocolates: An Uplifting Experience

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Hersheys Candy Chocolates Shopping Experience

Hershey’s Bliss meltaway creamy milk chocolate comes in individually wrapped pieces. The bite size wraps are an absolute delight to indulge yourself in the small pleasures in everyday life. Hershey is a winner and Hershey’s Bliss takes you through a complete uplifting experience.

The packet contains approximately 100 individually wrapped pieces in browns and blues signifying two different flavors. The brown ones have meltaway centers and the blue ones are the creamy milk chocolates. Both just deform and melt immediately filling my mouth with silky rich cream, chocolate and an undefined bliss. I wish I could savor it longer.

On opening the pack you will be mesmerized by the shimmering blue and brown foils which carefully cover the squarish chocolates. The Bliss pack has a net weight of 30 oz (1 lb 14 oz) 850 gm. Now the worst part for the chocoholics like me. The nutrition fact reads a total calorie of 220. Serving size of 6 pieces contains 15 g of fat, 5 mg cholesterol, 65 mg Na, 24 g carb, 1 g dietary fiber, 22 g sugar and 3 g of protein. The primary ingredients are milk, chocolate, sugar, cocoa, non-fat milk, lactose, soy lecithin, palm kernel, whey (milk). The packet gives us an important allergy info: manufactured by the same equipment that processed peanuts/ tree nuts. At 15$ it’s quite economic. However, I would advise that you go for smaller packs just to avoid over eating. Trust me, you cannot just stop at one.

Even though, I love both, there is a subtle difference in between the two flavors which is evident when the chocolate is soft. As they easily melt at room temperature (77 degree F), I had to refrigerate (something I avoid doing when it comes to chocolates) the packet after which both the flavors became similar. The meltaway milk chocolates got deformed after refrigeration but that's OK with me as long as its chocolatey.

I loved the fact that Hershey's Bliss comes in bite size pieces making it easy to pop in your mouth even when you are on road or travelling. I have done that many times, on my way back home, especially when I am down and out. It’s a major savior. It does save you from the hypoglycaemic and emotional bouts.

What I feel makes Bliss stand out is the fact that it’s less sugary. Also, I like the idea of the bite size version and would recommend it as a gift and even for kids’ parties and small gatherings.