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Hershey's Milk Chocolate Pretzel Dips

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Did that title catch your eye? I bet it did! I was shopping in our local produce store on the weekend. I was waiting for my hubby to finish picking out our veggies. While I was standing near the chips and pretzel section, my eye caught the words HERSHEY'S. Now I thought, why is Hershey's in the pretzel section, and why haven't I noticed that before?

I picked up the package of Snyder's of Hanover Pretzels. The front of the package says it has Og of Trans Fat! Well that's good right? It can't be bad for you then. I saw it was on sale too. This 7oz. package was only $2.50! Even better.

These lovely little morsels of pretzels dipped in Hershey's chocolate were divine. I know that Snyder's has excellent pretzels and these were going to be my new favorite. If you look at the picture above, you will see that they are heavily dipped in chocolate. These are small pretzels but big in flavor.

Now the bad news about these chocolate pretzels. Each serving size, approximately 7 mini pretzels is 140 calories! The total fat is 6g, saturated fat is 3.5g, but there are no trans fats. Cholesterol is less than 5mg and Sodium is 100mg. Total Carbohydrate count is 19g, with 11g of that being sugar. But it does have 2g of protein!

These are going to be a good "treat" for me once in awhile. They are just over the 100 calorie snack total that I like to try and maintain.

If you like Hershey's ...and who doesn't....give them a try. Just remember that 7 pretzels is 140 calories and 50 of those calories is FAT!