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Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures Alpha

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By mellaview on
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When I first came across the HEXBUG at my local Radio Shack I did not hesitate to make a purchase. Not only was this little robotic bug adorable, it also seemed like some cool wave of the future. A toy that I could only dream about as a kid, a toy that even now, as an adult I knew I would like...even if it was based solely on its futuristic looks.

The HEXBUG I purchased was an orange little creture that resembled a robot remake of a lightning bug. He had little black balls on his feet, and an orange see through plastic shelling to his robotic insides. All in all he looked mint, and I wanted him based on how he looked.

When I got home I turned him on by switching a small switch located on his body.

Unfortunatly the packaging did not describe what he did, so I had to make use of the internet to learn that the HEXBUG moves according to noise. If you slap your hand down on the table, the HEXBUG will move away from it. You basically control the HEXBUGS path by making a noise.


Although the HEXBUG seems like a cool fallen from the future toy, he is in fact quite flawed. Yes, the HEXBUG responds to noise, but you have to keep making slapping noises or yelling constantly to get the bug to turn. If you fail the HEXBUG will keep walking.

-Another issue is that it only walks well on perfectly untextured surfaces, like tables or counters. The HEXBUG will only walk in place when placed on a carpet or a surface with texture.

-The HEXBUG is very fragile, and if it falls it will likely break. I cannot recommend it to very small children, because miss handling the bug could easily break it.

At $9.99 though its not a huge loss, but a loss nonetheless.


As predicted the HEXBUG is mainly just cool to look at. His functions are decent, and work mediocre.

I still though recommend the HEXBUG to gadget lovers, as this HEXBUG would make a cool gift bag/stocking filler.