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Hey, Artoo! R2 D2 Interactive Droid. Fun!

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By 999frights on
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My wife bought me this toy because I am a huge Star Wars fan. This R2 is from the Saga Collection. I had been eyeing R2 and the light saber at Sharper Image. He can take so many commands and there are several easter eggs built in. Out of the box, I did have some minor assembly to do, but no big deal.

User instructions came with him and gives a list of commands. He is super cool and has 3 modes - companion, game, command. You start off with Hey, R2! To get his attention. Just like the R2 we all know and love, he doesn't always do what you command. But that is easy to fix - you can give tap him on the head. That will straighten him out. At first I had problems because he kept wanting to be stubborn and told me no - shaking his head. I finally figured out that I needed to make sure I had his attention. When his lights are flashing blue and red, he is ready for a command. Now I know to say, "Hey R2" let him respond, then for example I will say, "Do you remember" let him respond, then I say, "Luke Skywalker." Then he gives me a reaction.

R2 has a lightbeam, he'll play a message from Princess Leia, he dances, he plays hide and go seek. Yes, he has a sensor where he can actually senses your heat. Tell him to "come here" and he will find you, but you have to be at his level. He can follow you around, but don't go too fast or he'll lose you -just say "Follow me."

A couple of the easter eggs are to ask R2, Do you Remember Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca. He will play the Hero's Theme. Ask R2 if he remembers Jabba the Hut and after his response, say "game mode" then "Dance Program" and he will do a cantina song.

You can leave R2 on all the time or turn him off. He take 4 D batteries and 4 AA batteries. He also has a built in cup holder, but it is flimsy and pretty much useless. I also wish he was taller and closer to actual size.

R2 will provide lots of fun for any Star Wars fan.