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Hey, Wanna See My Cat Get High?

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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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Our cat Gypsy doesn't like to play with very many play toys from the store. She would rather play with fingers, feet, millk carton caps, loose paper, or leaves from outside. Yes, she is definitly finicky and just plain weird. This being said, we love her to death. She is our baby and we would get her anything at the store just to see what she would do with it.

While at Walmart about 6 months ago we found these small puppy dogs filled with cat nip. When we brought it home, she immediatly sensed it from the bag. We opened it up and she went to town. She was so high, you could see her pupils dialated from the cat nip. She will sit there for a few hours and bathe her puppy. She throws it up in the air. She even throws it across the room. It's the funniest thing I have ever seen!

This is the only thing we have found she will play with so when we go to the store and actually find them, we have to pick up two or three.

They hold up pretty well. We have bought at least three or four and none of them have ever fallen apart except for the last one. I just don't think the makers of this product put the tail on very well because within an hour Gypsy had it torn off... poor puppy.

They only come in two color; purple and red. We always get her purple because that is my husband favorite color but they were all out of them last time.

I have found as the months go, these things are very hard to find. I have to buy several of them if they have them and put them away.

If your cat likes toys, I would reccomend these. Your cat will love them.