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msculit By msculit on
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My husband really has a knack for finding great products for me to use and review at the same time. He noticed how I always buy the same Oral-B toothbrush for years and decided to explore the Oral Care section of the supermarket on his own.

I am so glad he bought me this new oral-B CrossAction Complete 7 System toothbrush. The name alone makes you wonder if you are watching a sci-fi movie. The toothbrush looks very high-tech because of the way the bristles are arranged and the back part of the brush has this small protruding nodes used to stimulate the gum line ans scraper for the tongue.

For a high-tech looking brush, this new Oral-B toothbrush helps remove 90% plaque, reduce gingivitis, clean gumlin, polish surface stains, scrape tongue for germs, simulate the gums and is gentle on the enamel. The bristles are soft but not too soft as that of a baby brush.

The handle has a grip so it does not slip from your hand while you brush away those plague and germs.

It does stand up for its name - Complete 7 system because it does have 7 benefits in 1 brush which I mentioned earlier. I will definitely buy another set of this brushes when I am through with the my current Oral-B toothbrush.