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Hidden Moon By Lori Handeland

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By belle_morte9506 on
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About a woman named Claire Kennedy who returns to the small town she grew up in after her father dies to take over his position as mayor. Her best friend from childhood, Grace, is now the sherriff, and tries to help Claire get back in the swing of small-town ways. The town's annual Full Moon festival is approaching, and a group of Gypsies have been hired to provide the entertainment. The leader of the group is a particularly hot young man who finds Claire quite tempting. There are some problems with the townies being none too happy about the strange group, but things are going okay until the wolf attacks start.

This is another werewolf book from Handeland. The series isn't exactly deep, but she does write an entertaining story. Overall, easy to read, easy to get into, not too over the top romance. She has written quite a few other books along the same vein, different storylines but basically the same formula.