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Hidden Worlds By Stephen Kramer

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Dennis Kunkel is a microscopist -- a scientist who studies very small objects with a microscope. He got his first microscope at age 10, and ended up getting his Ph.D. in botany from the University of Washington. He learned that by looking through a microscope, you can count the grains in a pinch of sand, and look at the spines on a blade of grass. Dennis was one of the scientists who studied Mount St. Helens after it erupted in 1980. His research has also helped scientists learn more about what meteorites are made of, identify new ant species, and figure out how spider silk is made and why it is so strong. He likes to go hiking around his home in Oahu, and often brings home new and interesting things to study.

This book also discusses the different types of microscopes people use, how scientists use them to learn more about tiny creatures and other life in the world, and offers advice to young people thinking about becoming scientists. Hidden Worlds: Looking Through a Scientist's Microscope by Stephen Kramer is a brief picture of one's scientist's life and career.

Color photos, including large pictures of magnified mosquitoes, muscle cells, and other small things are on almost every page. Any budding scientist - or anyone who loves the microscope or chemistry set the got for Christmas - should enjoy this book. (Includes a selected bibliography and index.)