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High Effeciency Washer And Dryer

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dizzyduck By dizzyduck on
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Can you tell from my ratings that I LOVE my Duet laundry pair? I do. Although this set is pricy to begin with, it is well worth the original cash outlay. When my old Maytag washer went on the fritz after 8 years, and the Maytag repairman, no not the one on TV, told me it would cost over $300 to fix it, we decided it was time for a new washer/dryer pair. We spent two weeks researching, and on the recommendations of friends and family we decided to check out the Whirlpool Duet. These machines will change the way you do laundry. To begin with, you will spend much less time doing laundry. The tubs on these things are huge. I can stuff a king size down comforter in the washer easily. It takes much less water that a regular washer, so our water bill went down. The High Efficieny detergent and bleach that you use with it cost more than the regular, but you use such a small amount that it lasts ages. And the cleaning---that washer has gotten out set in stains. Stains that had been there for a while. I have been able to salvage clothes that I thought were destined for the rag bag. We have have not had any of the problems that others have reported, vibration, leaking, stuff like that. I did notice a musty smell, because it seals so tightly that it doesn't dry out between washings. I solved that problem by just proping it open with a small paper bag. That allows the moisture to evaporate and the door is not hanging completely open. The spin cycle get the clothes so dry that it cuts down on the time the dryer runs. The dryer is also huge and it has a bulky items setting for things like the above mentioned down comforter. It runs quietly with little vibration. And one of the great things about this set is that the clothes are so spun out when you stick them in the dryer, that the washer and dryer cycles end close to the same time. No more waiting for the dryer to finish to swith the load over. All in all, I am extremely pleased with our new laundry pair, and would recommend it.