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High School Musical 2 I Love It!

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Some of my friends are in love with the movie and so are my nephews, it's become such a huge success. When High School Musical 2 made its world premiere on the family channel, my nephews were screaming, jumping up and down on the couches, and hollering. They were so excited! I couldn't control them. I sat down with them to watch the movie with them though I had some work to do. I have to say, I really did like the movie. It's great for kids - of course not toddlers and those who are very young because there's some stuff in the movie I wouldn't let a 2 yr. old daughter of mine see. Other than that, the dance moves are cool - the choreography, music and acting all go hand in hand to create such a wonderful movie. It's centers and pivots around a great plot - one that I thought my kids could learn from.

The movie's about a junior group of kids out of school for summer, looking for how to spend their time. When Troy - Zac Efron - gets a job as a waitress at some sort of...I'm not exactly sure, but anyway, he gets a job and invites all his other friends. Along the way, Sharpay - Ashley Tisdale - the devilish diva tries to lure Troy into her deceptive trap, offering him different jobs, setting up meetings with new people so he can become someone in college. Along the way, Troy loses himself and his friends.

I like watching movies, but I feel that they are all created or produced or brought to your TV screen for a purpose. I felt that High School Musical could really teach my 2 young nephews a valuable lesson or two, which is to always be yourself no matter what people may think. The lesson will surely come in handy later on in life, especially during their high school years when friends may be pressuring them to do things they don't really want to do.

The video quality is great and so is the sound. It doesn't freeze unnecessarily. Everything runs smoothly. It's as if it's all happening right in front of me in my living rom. The images and graphics are great. Everything's clear. Sound is loud. There's a behind the scenes and even a few trivia questions included on the DVD. It's great. It really is.

I really liked High School Musical. The dancing was great and so was the music. The on-set chemistry really contributed to the movie's success from my point of view. I think teenagers like seeing things getting spiced up and what not. As a teenager, I feel it really contributes to any movie's success. It helps add excitement and spice. Also, I felt I could really relate to the movie and I think any teenager watching the musical felt the same way. Peer pressure is something we've all dealt with - even adults. Peer pressure is a part of life and I really liked the way it was portrayed and brought to awareness in High School Musical 2. I really liked it. It all went along with some of the songs and the choreography and it sometimes just changed the whole mood of it all. I really loved the movie.