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High Times Culture Magazine'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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While standing in the deepest corner of the maze of magazines in my local Hasting store, I saw the 'High Times' magazine calling out my name. I was curious to look at this one, to analize it, and hurry back home to share my review. This magazine is loaded with pictures of things that to me seem to promote growing, selling, and injesting Hemp buds. I was totally shocked to see this on a public magazine shelf. I was totaly taken back.

The magazine made me instantly realize that there is a conspiracy in the U.S.A. against actors that sell 'Bongs', rather than an urgency to crack down on people who promote marijuana, period. Oh my, this opens a can of worms.

I see that this magazine promotes advertisements of smoke alternatives, smoking devices, news pertaining to drug laws, and just about everything else including the 'Cannnibis Cup', and pop out posters of Mary-Jane looking actually, pretty good!

Though I am neutral on the maryjuana subject, I believe more crime has been committed in this publication than there has been a crime agaist Tommy Chong for using the title 'Bong' in his product name. I am confused to as how such a magazine like this could exist, un less they are building up some under-cover mailing list or something. I am not quite sure I would trust anything that I read in this magazine as being lawful though, because I would bet that an on going investigation is lingering over this magazine and its content and the fact that it promotes drug use.

If you are a parent wanting to know what it is all about, you might want to at least peek in the pages to see what the fuss is about. I probably would not suggesst this magazine to anyone else in fear of promoting Drugs by giving a possitive review, so I have stuck to the facts and suggest using this one at your own risk. But take note: I would rank this one a #10 on subject related content, and a Gold Star for boldness pertaining to American Freedoms and Free Speech.

What's up with that Tommy Chong and his'Bong's' name thing anyway, huh? Isn't promotion of all the drugs you need found right here in the pages of 'High Times' magazine? I would say that is why 'High Times' must be a popular magazine because it promotes getting' High'. I bet this magazine is a sting. Don't say I sent you to read this awesome looking toilet mag. I don't want to get busted!