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Highland Heavy Duty Bungees Dont Believe It!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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These cords claim to be “the Pros Brand.” Save your money and get something else.

The cords look very sleek. Each hook has a molded base with the end of the cord permanently encased. Once this breaks, there is no repairing the cord.

The hooks are described as being “coated steel hooks.” They are indeed plastic coated steel. The plastic is brittle, and the plastic hook extends more than 1/4 inch beyond the steel wire inside. When that tip breaks off the hook is then just enough shorter that it may not hold well. The plastic also has odd chunks bitten out of in along the inside and outside of the hook. I’m not sure if this is some artifact of the coating process, or if they are supposed to improve the grip. I think they are just annoying, and catch on things unnecessarily.

The jar says “Extra wide hook openings improve fit and performance.” But that totally depends on what you want to do with the bungee cord. They do not bend easily if you want to change it– that plastic tip breaks right off.

The jar contains an assortment of cords: The two 10" mini cords have typical wire hooks (not like the hooks described above), and are suitable for light weight applications. There are two 12" x 8 mm, two 18" x 8 mm, one 24" x 8 mm, and one 32" x 9 mm cords. Of course, what I wanted was two 24" cords and this was my only choice at the store that day. Not a good shopping experience.

The best part of these cords is that they come in a plastic jar. I’ve decided that storing bungees in some kind of can or jar is the best way to keep them contained! Yet, this jar is so cheaply made that the sides cave in if you even hold it tightly, and the lid jams almost every time you want to take it on or off. So, you’ll have to find your own can!