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Hills Bros. Dark Roast Coffee

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We have been drinking a lot of coffee in our house recently. Winter in Iowa can get very cold and with busy lives a warm cup of coffee brings both heat and energy. We had been drinking some Starbucks brand, then a Mexican brand, and now we bought Hills Bros. 100% Columbian Dark Roast.

This came in a big can of already ground coffee. The 100% Columbian and Dark Roast combination is what attracted us into buying this product. Don't let it fool you - this is the worst cup of coffee I have ever had!

To test the taste I made a cup of the Mexican brand that we had left over and brewed a pot of Hills Bros. coffee as well. I tried the Mexican Dark Roast and it tasted alright. Then I tried the Hills. Bros. and my mouth puckered up.


It has a oversweet, almost sour, smell and flavor to it. The best way to describe it would be something similar to acid. The aftertaste is joltingly horrible. I don't know how this company ever sells their product if all their coffee tastes like this.

It was as dark as it should be and cheaper, but not even worth saving money for. You will just throw it away after the first cup.

This coffee is terrible.