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Hilton Chicago O'hare

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klkwid By klkwid on
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I am not a really big traveller, but I do know what I want in a hotel when I'm staying there! When I stayed at this Hilton, I was there for a conference for the nuclear medicine community, which I do a few times a year. In this case, the conference was 3 days and it started early in the morning, so I decided that I would stay at the hotel, even though it was only about an hour and a half from my house. I thought I would be a nice "mini vacation", too, so I would eat out, not have to clean, etc. I'm glad I did it-it was a nice time.

The hotel is very beautiful inside. It's very modern and BIG! There are several conference rooms, all different sizes, all very nice. The level of comfort for the conference rooms was actually very good-usually they have us sit in mediocre chairs along cold tables in a cold room. This room was well kept, the tables had lovely cloths on them, the chairs were fairly comfortable (any chair gets uncomfortable when you sit in it for 8 hours straight, though), and the back of the room had a more casual section that I really thought lightened up the atmosphere and made it better to be at.

The hotel rooms were TINY! I was shocked when I walked into the room-it was literally a bed, a tv, and a desk crammed into a 15 by 20 room (if that). The bathroom was so small that I almost had trouble shutting the door when I walked in-and I'm not a big person! I can't imagine someone larger than me having to go in there. The shower stall was incredibly small-I believe it was about 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 feet or maybe 4x4, but it could not have been any bigger than that. Again, for a large person, this would be very uncomfortable. The bed itself was a king size and was extremely comfortable. The room was clean. The personal effects they give you were VERY nice-they have their own brand of shower supplies that you can actually buy online. It was seriously spa-quality stuff. At night, it was actually fairly quiet, aside from the planes, that is-it's right next to OHare, and my room was positioned PERFECTLY to watch the underside of theplanes as they took off. It was actually kind of cool at first, but soon after it made it a bit hard to fall asleep.

The bar and restaurant downstairs was very nice with excellent food. It was overpriced, of course, but it was really good.

All in all, for a conference, this worked out very nice. I can see that it is really just a hotel that you would not spend too much time at (of course like I said, it's at OHare, so they expect a night or two and thats it). I would certainly recommend this one if the small shower size doesn't offend too much!