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Hip Hop Abs Don't Get The Vitamins!

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lexxia By lexxia on
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I hate when I've fallen asleep on the couch and the TV's remote has had the sleep mode reset because I inevitably awaken to a TV infomercial that sounds a little too interesting to ignore.

Such was the case at 3 a.m. one morning when Hip Hop Abs awoke me from a peaceful slumber with it's rockin', quakin and belly achin moves and Shaun T's voice telling me how maaarvelous I could look with just a few minutes a day, boppin to his Hip Hop Abs DVD! Well, at the time I was fighting a little bit of extra weight thanks to medicaton I was on and darned if I didn't think I'd been meant to wake just in order to see this special information.

I contacted the number on the screen and a really friendly fellow on the other end offered to take my order - but not before he offered me additional goodies such as a specially designed wrist weight and could have sworn he'd said "free" introductory 30 day supply of special vitamins but it was 3 a.m. and I could have been a little groggy (or euphoric to have found a wonderful solution to my weight issue or so I will keep telling myself).

About 3 weeks later the package arrived in the mail, not one, two or three DVD's but 4!! The set included "Secret to Flat Abs", "Fat Burning Cardio", "Ab Sculpt" and "Total Body Burn". It also came with a couple of "extras" which included a Nutritional guide, 30 Day workout calendar, a measuring tape & card to track your progress for lost inches, a 6-day slim down plan and a guide for eating fast foods without gaining weight ;) For a short while I was in Hip Hop Ab heaven! I threw the dvd's into the laptop one at a time of course, and ran through each before actually attempting to gyrate to the exercises that where being flashed before me. The first few days was - ok I'll admit it - empowering. I'd run through the cycles and the following day would be able to feel the "pain" that was my abs getting toned - or that's what I was led to believe.

The moves on the DVD's are pretty easy to run through, a simple tucking in of the buttocks and some pumping and pushing, pulling and jabbing and you have it made. The novelty wore off rather quickly though as the lack of interest waned. In all fairness, I'm not a good candidate for anything "repetitive" - if it doesn't have a different slant to it every time I try it then it's going to get old for me very quickly. Just who I am.

I'm sure that were I to have stuck to the program, I'd probably have noticed a slight improvement, but as I was already exercising, I found that I preferred my own exercise mix over the DVD's.

The vitamins that I ended up getting tied into however were a different story - they reacted with medications I was taking and when I tried to stop the shipment - the company kept billing my credit card and I ended up with 3 bottles of the vitamins - two of which are still unopened. I ended up having to call the credit card company and request they deny further payments but still ended up getting dinged almost $100 more before I actually realized what the company had been doing.

Lesson learned - never sleep on the couch and never, ever order exercise DVD's that come attached to auto ship anything.

As for the DVD's well they're still sitting untouched now in my dresser drawer - perhaps if I get the weight room I want I'll set up a laptop to take another jab at these but for now, given the problem I had with the vitamins, I'm not much interested in hip hopping just yet - sorry Shaun T but for me personally - I need my exercise program shaken up a bit more than these DVD's offer - they like the vitamins didn't impress me much.